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Infectious Disease Library

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Chorioamnionitis ascending-1

(4:16) Chorioamnionitis due to ascending infection with insufficient (incompetent) cervix. (actual tissue slides integrated) OBS131

Chorioamnionitis ascending-2

(4:22) Chorioamnionitis due to ascending infection, involvement of extra-placental membranes and umbilical vessels. (funisitis/ tissue slides) OBS132

Endocarditis and Stroke

(1:26 - narrated)  Review of sepsis related endocarditis, with subsequent growth of cardiac valve leaflet vegetations, embolization and stroke CVS150

Candidiasis and Encephalitis

(2:26) Insertion of PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line with growth of candida albicans and subsequent spread to the brain causing candidal encephalitis IND001

Fulminant Bacterial Meningitis

(3:21) 3D medical animation of acute bacterial meningitis in a child. Invasion of nasal epithelium by meningococcal bacteria, facilitated by respiratory virus. Entry of meningococcus into the bloodstream and hence to the brain, with immune response, release of cytokines, and subsequent cerebral edema.NEU072

Meningitis and Antibiotics

(1:14) effect of antibiotic therapy in established fulminant bacterial meningitis. Fragmentation of bacteria by antibiotics triggers increased immune response and cytokine release, resulting in worsening of adverse effects on the brain, including cerebral edema. NEU073

Fungal Meningitis

(4:58-narrated) Fungal meningitis arising as a result of contaminated epidural steroid injection, many cases of which occurred in the USA in 2012. Subsequent  vasculitis with thrombus and hemorrhagic related stroke (CVA - cerebrovascular accident) IND002